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FERKA - 产品试验

Almost 2 weeks of waiting, Ferka Aquatilizer and Balance-K products finally delivered to my hand. These are Thailand products, I never use it before. I bought it just for experiment on my nano planted tank.

I bought 250ml liquid fert for experiment. Its look like ADA product but smell different. But, it is definitely cheaper than ADA product. Unfortunately, Ferka liquid fert do not have any manual or description paper attach and the design looks a bit simple.


I believe everyone of you who starting to change aquarium water, will definitely face the problem of water current too strong and blow the soil or sand all around the water. Try this, I use air pump filter and modified it into the device that break water current.


九月十八号 - 水晶虾和斗鱼饲料

My home betta splenden really hungry now, I have to buy food for them. So, I went to CTY aquarium and bought Sanyu Betta pellet. But, the result is not satisfying because the pellet size too big and the fish unable to eat it.

Recently, I bought few Cherry & Red Crystal shrimps. So, I need shrimp food. Therefore, I went to KW aquarium to buy their own product - Chili Shrimp Food. But, honestly the result very unsatisfy. Shrimps not attract to the food and they consume it very slow.